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Sleep Apnea Test Los Angeles

About 12 million Americans are currently believed to be suffering from sleep apnea, but not all of them have been diagnosed. Without treatment, sleep apnea can lead to other serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease and obesity. If you have symptoms of sleep apnea, our expert in sleep apnea test in Los Angeles may recommend further evaluation to ensure you are properly diagnosed and getting the treatment you need.

Our Los Angeles sleep apnea test expert may begin with a medical and family history. A physical exam may also be needed. This allows us to see any areas of concern and identify any underlying issues that could be causing or contributing to your sleeping problems. If there are indications of sleep apnea, a sleep study may be recommended. A sleep study may be performed in your home or in a sleep disorder clinic.

Los Angeles Sleep Apnea Test

Also known as a polysomnogram, a sleep apnea test is performed using special equipment that is attached by electrodes to your face and scalp. These electrodes measure your brain wave activity, muscle activity, eye movements, heart rate, heart rhythm, airflow, snoring, blood oxygen levels, and other critical information and record it for easier analysis. If the technician identifies patterns that indicate sleep apnea, he or she may wake you up and have you use a CPAP machine for the second part of the test.

If our expert in sleep apnea test in Los Angeles determines that you have sleep apnea, we will create a treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms. The treatment plan may include both lifestyle changes and conservative treatments, such as an oral appliance or a CPAP machine. Regular checkups will give us further opportunities to assess your condition and ensure your progress.

Sleep apnea can increase your risk of accidents and health problems such as heart disease, stroke, depression, and diabetes. The right treatment can ensure you get the sleep your body needs to function properly and help you stay healthy. Give us a call today to learn more about the testing process or to schedule your appointment with our Los Angeles sleep apnea test expert.


Sleep Test at Home

In some cases, sleep apnea test can be conducted at home with special equipment. Home tests are not for everyone, and you should consult with our sleep apnea doctor to see if you are a good candidate for this type of sleep apnea test.



Sleep Test at Sleep Center

A comprehensive sleep apnea study can be conducted at our sleep apnea center. Consult with our doctor for more information.

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